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Our Quality Assurance

Quality acts as the most important factor for a product to survive in the market. Keeping this fact in mind, we have taken all the required steps to ensure high standards for our offered Organic Personal Care Products, Face Care Products, Body Care Products and others. At our premises, we have set up a quality control center which includes 6 labs:
  • 1 QA lab
  • 2 microbiology labs
  • 1 microbial challenge lab
  • 2 physical and chemical labs
The daily testes carried out at our microbiology, physical and chemical lab are on the following subjects:
  • Water
  • PH value
  • Viscosity
  • Conductivity
  • Centrifugal test
  • Specific gravity
  • Relative density
  • Bacterial colony
  • Heat-cold resisting ability
  • Mould and yeast presence etc.
Our QA lab

The QA lab we have established carries out tests that are related to packaging. These tests are as follows:
  • Adhesion test
  • Leakage test
  • Matching test
  • Compatibility test
  • Specifications test
  • Anti-yellowing test
  • Related parts mechanic test
  • Laws and regulations application etc.
Microbial challenge lab:

This lab basically executes the formula anti-corrosion performance test for new products. The developed formula of which is collected as a sample and transplanted in a various composition of mixed bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. The analyzed data collected through this test helps in effectively evaluating the anti-corrosive and microbial contamination risk resistance ability.

Quality certifications we possess:
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 22716:2007
  • FSC-STD-40-004 (Version 2-0) EN
Six functions of our quality center:
  • System audit
  • Quality control
  • Supplier review
  • Product evaluation
  • Guidance improvement
  • Standard establishment
Factors which reassure our product quality:
  • High level technological equipment in the quality control system
  • Introduction of chromatographic instrument, spectrophotometer etc. for improved testing of raw material and their quality control
  • Use of United States imported BRIKFIELD standard viscometer for assuring the unity the testing standard with valuable clients
  • Introduction of standard color meter for improving the manual color matching uncertainty by digital judging
  • Installation of aging yellowing instrument to eliminate the source which leads to inaccuracy of color matching due to packaging yellowing
  • Using standard light box for ensuring preciseness in all kinds of color matching
  • For reliability of the test results and preciseness of laboratory standard liquid weighing, using many sets of one over ten thousand electronic scales
Our Product Range Can Be Covered Under The Following Categories
  • Personal Care Products,Organic Personal Care Products
  • Face Care Products
  • Body Care Products
  • Hair Care Products
  • Functional Products
  • SPA Products, Body Spa Products
  • Women and Children Care Products
  • Essential Oil
  • Gift Set
  • Perfume
A Short List Of Products We Manufacture and Export

Night Toner

Morning Toner

Moisturizing Lotion

Whitening Cream

Moisturizing Essence

Water Source Set

Eye Repair Essence

Whitening Toner

Whitening Facial Cleanser

Eye Contour Mask

Whitening Cream

Collagen Exfoliating Cream

Moisturizing Facial Spray

Pore Refining Facial Cleanser

Green Cucumber Massage Cream

Whitening & Moisturizing Lotion

Living Cell Collagen Eye Care Gel

Green Cucumber Toner

Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

Refreshing & Moisturizing Toner

Whitening & Repairing Night Cream

Total Effect Whitening BB Cream

Whitening & Moisturizing Day Cream

Whitening & Brightening Lotion

Whitening And Mark Removal Essence

Moisturizing Massage Cream

Whitening & Revival Cream

Whitening Peeling Cream

Whitening & Revival Lotion

Whitening & Moisturizing Cream

Whitening & Revival Essence

Whitening & UV-Screen Cream

Whitening & Moisturizing Toner

Crystal & Revival Flawless Eye Cream

Whitening & Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

Services, Benefits and Facilities Of Our Firm

Environment & Manufacturing Facility

The Homar environment is completely supported by various facilities that are advanced and in accordance with the international cosmetic industry & GMPC standard. The efficiency of our firm has helped us to introduce advanced technical equipment & production technology such as the liquid equipment, vacuum homogenizing emulsion equipment, filling system etc. Below listed are the systems and production equipment we possess:
  • Compressed air system
  • Measuring equipment
  • Production equipment
  • Production environment control system
  • Reverse osmosis deionized water system
In our list of production equipment, we have:
  • 8 multiple function filling machines
  • 9 high-quality professional filling lines
  • Perfume formulation: 600L and 1000L
  • Skin care (washing) mixer: 2000L and 3000L
  • Vacuum homogeneous emulsion machine: 50L, 200L, 300L, 500L and 1000L
Efficient Production Capability

Power equipment capacity details:
  • Electricity: 400KVA
  • Steam water: 0.5t/h
  • Deionized Water: 8t/h
  • Compressed air: 12m3/minute
Stirring capacity details:
  • Liquid cleanser: 6000t/y
  • Cream & emulsion: 1200 t/y
  • Filling capacity: about 50,000,000 pcs/y, matching the stirring capacity
Research & Development

The one sound research and development center established by us in July 2012 has changed the face of our firm. This center at our base provides us an exposure to the real world and various development taking place. The activities taking place at Homar Skin Care Research Center are handled by famous Chinese and foreign R&D experts. This center has established long-term strategic partnership of cooperation with several renowned international cosmetic enterprises. In our list of R&D partners, we have some of the top-listed and first-class skin care research centers like French Shadeline Lab, French Anjia group and Japanese Naris Cosmetics. Our center includes some of the most elite professionals from the  skin science, life science, surface science fields.

Moreover, we have international standard configuring equipments installed at this place which assist in carrying out our skin care researched in a remarkable way. Presently, at our R&D center, we have over 20 supporting staff. This staff includes 12 senior technical personnel among whom one is a fine chemistry professor, one a dermatologist, one a cytology researcher, one a pharmaceutics master,  three are senior cosmetic technical experts and two are senior chemical process engineers.

To perform the basic function of designing formulas and making samples for OEM/ODM customers, we have installed the following high-end imported instruments at our end:
  • IKA homogenizer
  • SHIMADZU chromatograph
  • Ultrasonic broken instrument
  • Ultraviolet spectrophotometer
  • Double beam infrared scanner
  • German SIMENS multifunctional skin tester

The sophisticated warehousing facility we have established has helped us maintain an organized and categorical storage of goods at our end. The characteristics of our modern logistics management information system has been mentioned below:

  • Whole function
  • Structure optimization
  • Information integration
  • Function generalization
  • Processing logicalization
  • Module position clarification
Real-time change:
  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Controllable
  • From South China logistics to the entire nation cover
  • Equipped with ultramodern warehousing machines
Modern Logistics Management Information System Structure

The structure of our modern logistics information system has been briefly shown in bulletined points mentioned below:
  • The basic data acquisition and processing
  • Business processing
  • Processing of finance
  • Staff management
  • Management of property
  • Office management
  • Assessment management
  • Comprehensive inquiry management
  • Decision support & statistical analysis management

The purchases made by our firm mainly includes quality cosmetic raw material and packaging material. In the cosmetic raw material section, we procure:
  • Colorant
  • Emulsifier
  • Thickener
  • Oils & fats
  • Surfactant
  • Moisturizer
  • Function actives
  • Powder & particle etc.
For the two types of packaging carried out at our end i.e., the main packaging and auxiliary packaging, we require:

Main packaging inputs:
  • Plastic (PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, PMMA) to provide bottle, jar, cap, pump, spray, tube etc.  packaging
  • Glass for providing bottle & jar, facial mask etc. packaging
Auxiliary packaging inputs:
  • Label
  • Blister
  • Plastic box
  • Paper printing box etc.
Cooperate Segment Of Our Firm


The precise blend of profit, flexibility, value and independence is what makes our OEM service highly demanded and a wise choice for the clients. It surely is our pleasure & privilege to server the clients with excellent quality cosmetics which confront to international standards. Moreover, the production done for the clients is ensure to be executed in a cost-effective way in order to save the each link inquiry and consultation investment. Our OEM with fast response, best price and direct communication depicts the worry-free and professional services offered by us.

We always take care our our clients' needs and their complete satisfaction. Our main motive is to respect and fulfill the varied needs of brand customers by providing multiple packages of OEM solutions.

Our OEM application object:

  • Companies already with the brand
  • Investors just with brand registration
Business Procedure
  • Supply only highly competitive and qualified products
  • Provide proper assistance to the clients on brand market construction and specify the full product category
  • Offer quality product planning i.e., on product structure, consumption-end model, brand concept and product concept
  • Offer unique product design and development solutions which includes concerns like laws & regulations, product selection, packaging and application combination